So it goes…

So it goes like this…

“Hey, you’re going to Uni now, aren’t you? How’s it going?”

“Yeah, I am. it’s great, thanks.”

“What is it you’re doing?”


“Oh, cool. What are you going to do, teaching?”

“Yeah, probably.”

Because I’m too embarrassed to say, “No. I want to be a writer.”

Because it sounds ridiculous. I might as well say, “No. I’m going to be an astronaut.”

Because in the time and place I grew up, that sort of nonsense wasn’t encouraged. You had to get a proper job. If you weren’t quite smart enough to go to University, you had to get a trade. So I tried that, and I hated it. So I wandered.

I wandered through life, not ever knowing what I really wanted to do.

But I’m 51 now, I’ve been here for over half a century, and I think I’ve found it.

It was there all along. I want to be a writer.

There, I’ve said it. I’ve said it out loud.

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